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Vintage computers from the dawn of the personal computer


Eight October, 2016 The Retro Wagon collection has it's public debut at Desert Code camp at Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Desert Code Camp 2016
The view as you entered the room.
VCF West 2017
My booth at VCF West 2017

A couple views of the yet unfinished Retro Wagon. Intended to be a mobile museum of vintage computers from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Where's Waldo? Imasi, Altair, PDP, Apple, IBM, Sony, Commodore, Atari, Intel, Heathkit, Bell telephone



Retro Wagon Blog Articles on restoration of boards and systems.


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Systems in Collection

S-100 Systems IBM Altair Commodore Various Kaypro PDP Atari Commodore Amiga Imsai Apple

Many more to come. I have not completed documenting all the systems in the collection.

Functional system in collection

Check out the sub Category 'Operational' denoting systems that are functional in the Retro Wagon mobile museum (of the Category Operational Status)