Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1

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Functional front panel and z80 board. Pictured running the port FF test program testing input and output to port 0xFF. Note the corresponding programmed output LEDs to the Address-Programmed Input

Serial No. MFD-1107

See the clear vinyl bubbled up? I'm not sure if that was part of the shipping that you peel off, or a protective layer meant to be a permanent part of the system. Needs attention RSN.

Byte Magazine January 1982 Vol 7 no 1
I have a Intersystems Model 950 set of disk drives working too. I've got a bit of RTFM to do first before trying to boot any media I may have.
Intersystems Model 950 disk drives

I removed all the boards and the front panel (FP) board before testing the power supply. It was rock solid.


DPS-1 boot video

Check out this YouTube video of the DPS-1 booting from eight inch double sided double density Shugart floppy disk drives.


Front View Running Port FF Test.jpg

Front panel rear view key detail.jpg

Detail of key lock (in case I rekey)

Ithaca Chasis Front view without FP.jpg

The chassis has threaded attached standoffs. Quite a lot easier to reassemble this FP than the Imsai FPs. Rock solid power supply voltage tested with my EEVBlog meter.

Ithaca Front panel PCB.jpg

Lot's of options on this FP



I found these manuals here at

Found at the Internet Archives

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