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I believe I got this off of Craigslist. This H8 has the Z80 cpu

Heathkit computer catalog p. 1
Heathkit computer catalog p. 2
Heathkit computer catalog p. 4


Serial number: n/a


HA8-6 Z80 CPU

Part number; 85-2609-11

U13 ROM marked XCONMOD maybe XCON.MOD

Controller Board

Part number; 85-2204-1

H8-4 Multi Port Serial IO as Received


Boot from Older ROM

From a discussion on the SEBHC google group Glenn instructs on how to boot an older ROM.

You must have an early ROM. It was only later that Heath added single key boot (the early ROMs were developed before the H17 existed).
To boot you must set the Program Counter register manually to 030.000 and then hit GO, so:
REG (decimal points light up...)
PC (the “F” key, same as PC)
ALTER (the “D” key; decimal points flash)
0 3 0 0 0 0
ALTER (decimals stop flashing...)
GO (the “4” key)



H8 Assembly 595-2013-01-S.pdf


H8 Operation 595-2014-02-S.pdf

File:Heath Zenith H17-floppy-595-2160-03.pdf

Heath Zenith H17-floppy-595-2160-03.pdf

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