S-100 IDE CF v.3

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S100 Computers / N8VEM S-100 IDE/CF version 3

"A Production Board Because this board and software may be of use to others and because I would like to have a "real" board rather than the above prototype in New Boards, together with Andrew Lynch at N8VEM (see here) we made a "proper" commercial type S-100 board. Through Andrew's magic hands (and hard work) a very nice S-100 board has emerged. Shown below. The board uses 24 bit address lines and 16 or 8 bit IO ports." Quote from S100Computers.com



Build/Debug Log

myide.asm Z80. Not 8080/8085 See this thread on N8VEM-S100 Google group.

                ; jha 6/27/2015 testport.asm
                ; test the S-100 IDE v.3 port addressing
 0100                   org     0100h
 0100 DB30              loop:   in      030h
 0102 C30001            jmp     loop
 0105                   end

Assembled IDE/CF

S-100 IDE CF v.3.png