CompuPro Disk3

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CompuPro Disk3

CompuPro Disk3 MFM Hard drive controllers. I can't remember which one was mine from back in the day, I ran a BBS on a couple 8" DSDD Floppy disks. I picked up another Disk3 along the way. This page will hopefully document me getting an old MFM drive booting CP/M. Probably a Quantum Q540. Both controllers appear functional


Note the engineering changes on the backside. See the wires?

CompuPro Disk3 version 194D Front.png CompuPro Disk3 version 194D Back.png


CompuPro Disk3 version 194G Front.png CompuPro Disk3 version 194G Back.png


I was able to fire these,, up in a simulator, Altair 8800 (Z80) simulator V3.8-1 build 1296, Lot's of different CompuPro operating systems architectures and versions. I was able to boot up CP/M-80 version Q. Wish I could remember where I downloaded this, I like to give credit. Drop me a note if you find or have seen it elsewhere.

Maslin CompuPro files archives

The Maslin CompuPro files archives and the cp/m 80 2.2 Q files locally located here User retrogear on comp.os.cpm used the following procedure to convert the .td0 image to a more common .imd format. Quoted in part from this discussion.

My quest to get a bootable cp/m 2.2q on my compupro system has led me to Don Maslin's archive. 
Don Maslin's cpm8022q.td0 is corrupted. My first clue was when too many tracks were reported: 

C:\imd>td02imd cpm8022q 
TD 1.5 8" HD MFM S-step, 1 sides ADV 14/01/1997 19:56:14 
CP/M-2.2Q system disk for CompuPro 
SSDD 1024 byte sector, 1-8, 1:1 
81 tracks, 645 sectors converted. 

So then I used samdisk to convert and imdu to expand which revealed the problem: 

C:\imd>samdisk cpm8022q.td0 cpm8022q.imd 

C:\imd>imdu cpm8022q.imd cpm22qu.imd /E 
IMageDisk Utility 1.17 / Jun 27 2008 
IMD SAMdisk100620, 09/08/2015 12:03:51 
 0/0 500 kbps SD  26x128 
 1/0 500 kbps DD  8x1024 
77/0 500 kbps SD  1x128 
80/0 500 kbps DD  8x1024 
81 tracks(81/0), 645 sectors (31 Compressed) 

Tracks 77-80 were bogus maybe because read on an 80 track drive? 
Then I used samdisk to trim to 77 tracks: 

C:\imd>samdisk cpm8022q.td0 cpm8022q.imd -c 0-76 

Then expanded with imagedisk: 

C:\imd>imdu cpm8022q.imd cpm22qu.imd /E 
IMageDisk Utility 1.17 / Jun 27 2008 
IMD SAMdisk100620, 09/08/2015 12:06:37 
 0/0 500 kbps SD  26x128 
 1/0 500 kbps DD  8x1024 
77 tracks(77/0), 634 sectors (31 Compressed)

Hardware boot

On 8/11/2015 I got Disk3 access on a Quantum Q540

CompuPro Systems CP/M 2.2Q Disk Loader 

Can't open BIOS.COM 
What BIOS*.COM do you want to read?  test 

CompuPro 64K CP/M 2.2Q (85/88) 
Copyright (c) 1985 VIASYN Corporation 

Disk3/Q540 as A: B: C: D: E: F: 

8" DISK1A as I: J: 

0 M-Drive/H as drive M: 

Hard disk unit 0 not formatted properly. 


A>dir i: 
I: MEX      COM : MEX      HLP : MEX      LIB : NULL     MEX 
I: SURVEY   COM : WM       COM : WS       COM : WSMSGS   OVR 

A: R/W, Space: 5092k 
I: R/W, Space: 382k 


ROM images

223D on 194D board file of the 223D ROM on a Disk3 194D board. It was copied using a Wellon VP-290 in binary mode during save to disk.

Renewed interest

May 2019


From; "CompuPro CPM 2.2 Technical Manual and Installation Oct84"

NOTE: If you have a DISK 3, be careful when changing from CP/M to 
MP/M™ 8-16™, CCP/M™ 8-16™, CP/M-86™ or CP/M® 8-16™ because the 
logical drive partitioning on the hard disk is different between 
CP/M and all the rest. However, the first and last logical drives 
are the same on all operating systems.