Imsai 8080

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Imsai 8080 S-100 computer. The original on top, and retrofitted with a hexadecimal front panel from Wameco on the bottom

This was my dad's computer. I recently rebuilt the power supply of dads original, I bought another Imsai computer off ebay to house the Wameco hexadecimal display front panel. I sent both of these front panels out to System Glitch for repair. I did the mechanical reinforcement of the switches on the Wameco FP1.

Archive.Org Byte Magazine Volume 02 Number 07 - Model Railroads
Archive.Org Byte Magazine Volume 00 Number 10 - The Game of LIFE in Color



Pictured with original 8080 CPU card, an unknow manufacturer 8k RAM board and Martin Eberhard's post era 88-2SIOJP I/O and EPROM board.

Imsai 8080 Top View.jpg


IMSAI 8080 at Wikipedia.