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Old timey keyboards. Which one to depict for of era?...


Cherry 001-1019 Rev B

Looks like a model number...

Cherry G80-0350/e


Archer 277-1025

Radio Shack acqusition

Message Body: Radio Shack acquired these keyboards from Oric (Tangerine Computer Systems, UK-company) sometime after their liquidation in mid-1980s. see Oric Likely the Taiwanese or Japanese mfg. got stuck with this inventory and Radio Shack’s Asian procurement office jumped at opportunity. Thank you Greg for this information.

Clare Pendar Parallel ASCII

Obtained on the September 2018 S-100 Prius Road Trip

Clare Pendar Assy No. 720926-K3 Ident No 97564?44s Issue 6-15-74

'bell' added with very old coil and metal diaphragm speaker.