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Fulcrum computer pictured booting ComnpuPro board set from 8" Qume Trak842 DSDD drives.


Fulcrum Branded


Check out this power switch. I'd like to replace with something authentic. Looks like a bit of a rube goldberg though. Look at all that switch to throw that tiny switch from a turning action. Shouldn't be difficult to find something for it if I can't find something original. I haven't found any images of a Fulcrum with this front. The ones I've found have the front panel.


I canalized the odd rotary switch, found a suitable washer. Here is the fix. Didn't even need to solder. I wonder what an authentic power switch looked like? The blue 'int' is not hooked up.


This Fulcrum has a nice ThinkerToys Wunderbuss Noisebuard backplane.


Imsai Branded


Considerably different power supply.


Longer Thinker Toys Wunderbuss backplane. The 'int' switch appears to be hooked up. I'll check the Wunderbuss documentation.


With cardboard top removed revealing a couple bridge rectifiers rather than diodes in that configuration.


Score! There is a CCS floppy controller in there.