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These are my notes on how I use Imagedisk

See Daves Old Computers - Disk/Software Image Archive Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk official site


To create boot media for an Imsai with FIF FDC set with Imsai CalComp floppy disk drive subsystem.

I'll use an Imsai .DSK image from Z80Pack FTP Imsai section

Imagedisk bin2imd should create a .IMD from the raw .DSK



imd 8ssdd.cmd

.CMD File

; jha 8/20/2018 8SSDD.CMD
; options for imagedisk.
; Eight inch 


BIN2IMD drivea.dsk fifcpm2.imd N=77 DM=0 SS=128 SM=1-26 /1 /C

FDADAP floppy disk adapter

The D Bit FDADAP board is a small adapter which adapts 8" floppy disk drives (Shugart SA800 style bus) to work with the PC 3.5"/5.25" floppy disk cable pinout. It has 34- and 50-pin connectors which can be connected to the PC floppy controller and the 8" disk drive using simple straight-through ribbon cables (not included), and a 3.5" style power connector for the on-board microcontroller. It also includes a second 34-pin connector for use with real DEC RX50 drives; this configuration is not yet supported by current releases of D Bit software (which use a regular PC 1.2 MB drive for accessing RX50 disks), but support is planned for future versions.

FDADAP web site

ImageDisk Resources