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The 88-2SIOJP is a post era S-100 card released in 2016. It is designed and sold by Martin Eberhard.

"The 88-2SIOJP is an enhanced dual serial port board designed for the MITS Altair computer..." - Martin Eberhard

Martin can be found in the Yahoo Groups Altair Computer Club - A place for Altair enthusiasts and collectors.


Local copy 88-2SIOJP Manual

Local copy Amon Users Manual

Martin's Google Drive manuals

Martin's excelent Xmodem implementation on Google Drive


88-2SIOJP-R100 Rev C

Aside from the reconfigured baud rate this is the 88-2SIOJP-R100 as delivered.



Image n/a yet.

20ma current loop Teletype model 33 ASR

I reconfigured the board from RS-232 to 20 ma current loop to interface with my restored Teletype model 33 ASR here pictured with Martin's 88-2SIOJP Amon 2.1 monitor signon message.

ASR-33 20ma Current Loop.jpg