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Teletype Model 33

This belonged to my Dad. I remember playing a lot of Startrek(.bas) on it when hooked up to the 'ol Imsai. I'd sure like to get it working. One problem I have with getting it working is I left it behind when I moved! (S/N xyz. It's in storage where I can't get at it at the moment.) I would also be nice to add paper tape to it too.

Teletype mode 33 Wikipedia article

Teletype Model 33.png

Help Resources

Wanted to buy

  • Roll(s) of paper tape
  • Typewheel hammer ?felt?
  • Call Control Unit plate under rotary dial with holes for buttons


  • Restore to operation as an S-100 computer interface

I've got parts to make a 20ma current loop to RS-232C adapter, but hopefully will be able to resurrect something like an Imsai SIO S-100 card in current loop mode for authenticity.

Restoration History

  • 7/30/2015 Retrieved my Dad's KSR and bought an ASR on the way home.

Teletype Model 33 Repair.png

  • 8/4/2015 electronics details

Teletype Model 33 KSR empty modem base.png Teletype Model 33 KSR view of electronics.png Teletype Model 33 cable detail.png

Apparent current loop cable is attached to pins 1,2 and 7,8. There had been a DB25 connector on the bare end it's fallen off over the decades since last use.

Later in the evening

I need a spring to hold this bar up. I think it's called a "Function Pawl" Section 574-122-100TC Teletype Model 33 Need Spring For This.png

The piece I need the spring for goes in here somewhere! Teletype Model 33 Need Spring.png