SSM IO4 sn 5254 AT

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SSM IO4 sn 5254 AT.png SSM IO4 PCB Layout.JPG

A Solid State Music I04 serial / parallel I/O board. This specific board belonged to my dad. I believe I have memories of using it myself. This page will serve to document it's original settings before I attempt to reconfigure it as a Mits Altair 88-SIO A board.



16PinDipHeaderTwistedPair.jpg I wonder where I might get a part like this. Note the twisted pair may be easier to connect and solder to a DB-25 connector.

Here is a ribbon cable variation from DigiKey for $2.51.

16 pin dip header.jpg Looking for a good, good as in thrifty, source for these. Digikey has [them for $2.93]

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