S100 Computers S-100 Extender Board

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S100 Computers S-100 Extender Board

"The board has four LED's along the top left hand side of the board and a probe attachment point to test for a Logic High, Low, a logic High to Low transition or a logic Low to High transition as well as their corresponding continuous pulses. There is also a high and low sounding buzzer for the High and Low states. This can be inactivated with two jumpers."

Check out the S-100 Extender at the John Monahan S100Computers.Com site. Links to schematics and construction notes are available there.

This is a post era board. That is it's a recent design and DIY construction. See many great post era boards as well as an excellent historical resource for classic S-100 buss computers at S100Computers.com

The boards are purchased in mass by members of the N8VEM community. I purchased the bare PCB from a member of the group, sourced the parts and assembled it myself. I built two of these.

S100 Computers N8VEM S-100 Extender Board.png