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6800 4k basic "Floppy ROM" from Interface Age magizine May 1977

I would be remiss if I didn't pass some reference to Mad Magazine and it's "It's a Gas" paper record

  • Wikipedia article on Mad Magizine [recordings section] states that King Curtis was the uncredited Saxophone musician.
  • Youtube static video of Alfred E. Newman with [the music]


Interface Age [May 1977] at Archive.Org Page 28 has an editorial; "THE FLOPPY-ROM EXPERIMENT - Or the Joy of Developing a Simple Idea" Apparently introducing the concept, worked on by many individuals, manufacturers and publications, in the magazine.


Page 33

Interface Age May 1977 Floppy Rom 6800 4k Basic.jpg

Detail of groves

Floppy ROM detail.jpg

This floppy ROM has a slight crease. Inspection with my USB microscope. Looks salvageable.