HeathKit H8 SN P00705806

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HeathKit H8

This HeathKit I purchased on Ebay appears to be working. I haven't hooked it up to a serial terminal or cassette / floppy.

"Heathkit's H8 was an Intel 8080-based microcomputer sold in kit form starting in 1977. The H8 was similar to the S-100 bus computers of the era, and like those machines was often used with the CP/M operating system on floppy disk. The main difference between the H8 and S-100 machines was the bus; the H8 used a 50-pin bus design that was smaller, more robust and better engineered electrically. The machine also included a bootstrap ROM that made it easier to start up, including code for running basic input/output and allowing input through a front-mounted octal keypad and front panel display instead of the binary switches and lights used on machines like the Altair 8800."

Quoted from this Wikipedia article.

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