Eagle Computer Spirit II

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Eagle Computer Spirit II

My actual first MS/DOS computer. It originally had a couple 5-1/4" floppy drives. I replaced one with a 1.44 and the other with a 20meg hard drive

Eagle Computer Spirit II SN 506S0019.png

Eagle Spirit II connector.png

From almost day one of owning this computer I've had trouble with this power connector on the mother board. I wiggled it a lot back in the day. Time to fix it correctly as the wiggling doesn't work anymore. Note the dark discoloration on the connector. Can you help me identify this connector? Expand the image to see measurements. The pitch is 3.96mm. I bought this connector from Jameco. It has the correct pin pitch and could work with some soldering, crimping and splicing. However I would like to replace with the correct part.