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Discovery 500 Found on eBay Local pickup only. Boots from floppy, HD toast.


Discovery 500.jpg

Discovery 500 Find.jpg

I found this Discovery 500 on Ebay as a Local Pickup only. It came with quite a lot of equipment, plus there were a few other items in the sellers garage I picked up like that double power supply with analog meters and this REX Microcomputer System There is quite an extensive set of documentation and floppy disks. It has two Wy-50s that both work but only one keyboard.

  • DPC/OS Version 2.1 Release Notes (?2 copies?)
  • Discovery 500 Multiprocessor Installation and Interface Guide
  • Hardware Reference Manual
  • Miscellaneous - DTC510A Controller Specification, Shugart interface, schematics
  • WY-50 Display terminal quick reference (preliminary) DPC-100 hardware manual, ...

DPCS OS 2.11 Floppy Masters.jpg

Discovery 500 Top View.jpg

Discovery 500 System Console.PNG

System Console

Discovery 500 CPM Boot.jpg

CP/M booted

Working on it again March 14, 2020

Dual Terminal Screens

The first image of two TeraTerm screens shows the two serial ports at power on. The second image is after cp/m boots from the 2nd drive from the left aka the right hand FDD.

Serial port identification

Of the five DB25 'slots' on the rear the 2nd from the top is what I would call the console and USER 0, while the 4th down I'll call USER 1. Check out the images above in the Dual Terminals gallery above. Discovery 500 Rear Ports.jpeg

TeraTerm Serial port settings

Discovery 500 Boot TeraTerm Settings.png