Cromemco 8K Bytesaver

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8K Bytesaver.jpg

Cromemco 8K Bytesaver EPROM board. Working. My dad and I each built one of these. I think this one was mine.

Here is the .PRN file from a simple program I loaded into a 2708 to test my ability to program an EPROM with Martin Eberhard’s post era ME2700 Orphan EPROM Programmer. On my Imsai front panel I examined the address C000 then pressed run. Yup the programmed output LEDs change state based on the programmed input paddle switches.

                ; jha 2/10/2016 !Light data LED for corresponding switch
                ; ImsaiTp1.asm Imsai Test Program 1 from pp. 35. of Imsai documentation.
 C000           		org		0c000h
 C000 DBFF      		in		0FFh
 C002 D3FF      		out		0FFh
 C004 C300C0    		jmp		LOOP
 C007                   end


  • ME2700 EPROM programmer firmware and documentation located here.
  • Martin Eberhard MEMON80 Rev. 1.1

Now it's off to find a simple monitor program to load in EPROM(s) and decide which I/O card to use for serial communications.